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Don't take our word from it...

Sourcing Online Services


CEO of software company

I think you just really get to the bottom of what I need, and you find that person, that's the good fit. You know, not only with their skills, but also with personality, and the interaction that we have. So I think you've been really good at fulfilling that.

...I can, I could do everything, but then I would have no life, I would just be on the computer all day. So I think it really helps me to have you guys focus on the task, that I need to complete. So I can focus on getting more clients and you know, helping my clients be happy.


Pharmacy Owner

Hiring a VA can be a little scary,

but I actually really loved the process. During our conversation, you helped me dig up things. I knew I needed to delegate, but I wasn't exactly sure what I should or could be delegating. I liked the interview process... it's really important (because) you're working with somebody that you're adding to your family... It was very comforting. It was no pressure... It was very hand holding, and made me feel confident in the process.


Real Estate Investor

The best thing about working with SOS and working your VAs is all the time that I'm getting back. And you know, time is money.

If you look at it like that, I'm making more money. Because I'm not having to spend all this time doing all these things that I could let someone else do, who's better at it even than I am. I'm getting better quality than I'm able to do. Because I've noticed my appointment setter, she's better at it than I am.

Meet our Co-Founder


Sourcing Online Services (SOS) is co-founded by Shelly Ladero, a seasoned Filipina virtual assistant who has worked with hundreds of clients globally. Over the years, she has gained the trust of CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders, and colleagues because of her excellent work ethic, professionalism, and networking skills.

SOS was built because agency owners continue to have problems with managing their businesses as they try to do everything on their own. Most business owners don’t know that there are plenty of tasks that can be delegated to a virtual professional; and even if they do know this, they are afraid that it may be out of their budget. I created SOS to open doors of endless opportunities for clients to help them increase productivity and sales at an efficient cost.

Aside from that, it has always been my passion to help our fellowmen—Filipino Virtual Professionals—to have jobs in the comfort of their homes; and to show them that there are many ways to earn and build a career while still prioritizing their families.

We have helped hundreds of clients outsource and will continue to be the reliable source in finding the right VAs for U.S. businesses.

What are you waiting for? Let’s double your sales with an SOS VA!

What are you waiting for? Let’s double your sales with an SOS VA!